Stepping-Stone Goals

Stepping-Stone Goals

As a salesperson, a bad day, week, month is inevitable at some point. 

How we react, will make a big difference to the length and overall impact of our slump. 

Whenever coaching someone out of a tough time, I start with one thing. Mindset.

Working in sales roles, whether direct or indirect, comes with a great deal of pressure. Often, the best salespeople LOVE the pressure – they thrive in it. 

But sometimes, even the best can pressure themselves incorrectly. 

A salesperson’s results are heavily impacted by their own perception of success. Quite often only seeing the number. 

If that number isn’t being achieved, it can lead to thoughts like “I’m failing!”, “I suck!” and “I can’t do this anymore!”. 

This is what I call ‘unproductive pressure’. Focussing on a desired end outcome (the ‘what’), without paying any attention to the actions (the ‘how’) that will lead there, leading to a greater loss of confidence if it isn’t achieved. 

‘Productive pressure’ is focussing on things that are within control and will lead to the desired outcome. 

By no means am I saying don’t have a sales target – OF COURSE have a sales target! But to achieve that target, it’s important to focus on the actions, behaviours, skills & methodologies that will lead there. 

  • Activity rates
  • Objection handling
  • Listen back to calls when you were doing well
  • Focussing on best practice
  • Send a call to a manager/ coach asking for feedback
  • Effective questioning
  • Assumptive language
  • Building rapport
  • Relax & be kind to yourself

By focussing on behaviours rather than end outcomes, the overall quality of the conversations improves, in turn – so does the likelihood of closing sales.

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