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About us

We are committed to providing high impact, bite-sized training, using engaging content to assist in the retention of concepts, and suit varying learning styles.

Australian owned and comprised of three key ‘Blocks’ –

Whether you’re looking to improve your own skills or those of a team, you’ve come to the right place.

'... creating even more significance.'​

Telephone communication lays the foundations of success for many organisations around the world. 

Whether in sales or customer service, how we conduct ourselves over the phone can play a big role in the end outcome, making telephone skills an essential tool for everyone. A rapidly changing global environment creates even more significance. 

Our mission...

is to construct content that is modern, practical & focused on enhancing a wide range of telephone skills. 

We’re a team of ‘Contact Centre’ & ‘Sales’ professionals utilising decades of experience to provide high quality training at an affordable price.

What our customers say

TSB Sales Academy:
The smarter way to learn

Learning or improving sales and soft skills can be a challenging process without the right support. 

Why make things more stressful by aimlessly searching around for practical & effective learning material when we can deliver everything you need and more?

Even better, not only is the TSB Sales Academy accessible on all your favourite devices but with bite-sized learning material you will be able to upskill these anywhere, anytime. 

Not to mention the fact that we release 2 new courses each month creating an ever-growing library of valuable content to help you build your skills and maximise performance in a fun, stress-free environment.

DIY Training:
Diversifying sales training

Whether you’re a seasoned trainer or a first-timer, with our ‘DIY Training Solution’ you can take the time and stress out of creating a sales training program for your organisation. 

Focussing on philosophies that centre around emotional intelligence & consultative selling, the ‘TSB DIY Training Solution’ is dynamic, practical and keeps learners engaged through a training journey that includes theory, role plays, activities, games, and more.

Our passion for holistic training means the ‘what’, the ‘why’ & the ‘how’ are all addressed, providing your team with the knowledge & know-how to excel in just about any situation over the phone.

Equip your team with the tools to build on their sales effectiveness, grow in confidence, increase activity & win more.  

Custom Content:
Making training dreams reality

With TeleSkill Builders, you have the ability to make each course your own. Our custom offering enables you to create learning pathways that are directly relevant to your organisation and corporate identity, helping to increase sales, streamline onboarding and minimise compliance risk. 

We can also upgrade your existing courses making them fresh & modern.

The team at TSB will work with you on ensuring content suits organisational and learner needs, in addition to providing various ways of tailoring your content to maximise engagement.

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